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Table of Contents

Creation and configuration of the journal

Journal functionality allows to create objects easily, look it through in a tabular style, set displayed data, to filter items and search.

Consider the journal creation on the example of incoming document.

Journal initialization

It’s important to create configuration for the journal in the repo.


All listed attributes, except key, are logical and take on values: true or false.

Example of journal configuration

Consider the journal configuration on the example of incoming document.


Code Block
<journal id="letters-income">
       <option name="type">letters:income</option>
       <option name="doubleClickId">nodeRef</option>
       <option name="doubleClickLink">card-details?nodeRef={id}</option>
       <option name="formId">filters</option>
             <header key="idocs:documentStatus" default="true" />
             <header key="idocs:registrationDate" default="true" />
             <header key="idocs:registrationNumber" default="true" />
             <header key="tk:kind" default="true" />
             <header key="letters:deliveryMethod" />
             <header key="letters:reporterOrganization" default="true" />
             <header key="letters:letterWriter" default="true" />
             <header key="letters:subdivision" default="true" />
             <header key="letters:receiver" default="true" />
             <header key="idocs:summary" />
             <header key="idocs:note" />
             <header key="idocs:pagesNumber" />
             <header key="idocs:appendixPagesNumber" />

Virtual column

The journal can display not only the columns that correspond to the object model, but also a completely arbitrary content. The column with content which are not described in the model, called virtual.


In conclusion, you need to add a virtual column in the needed journal. This column is set by analogy with others, except one moment: searchable and sortable attributes should be disabled.

Rapid development advices

It is possible to restart the journal configuration without restart of the entire alfresco.


To reset the configuration of the journal need in  javascript-console run the following command: 

Code Block