Release notes

Release Notes - Citeck EcoS Community - Version Community 3.1.d - HTML format


  • [ECOSCOM-798] - Visibility of processing after clicking "decision" button
  • [ECOSCOM-815] - By default the boolean parameter should be FALSE, not NULL.
  • [ECOSCOM-938] - Migrate to alfresco 5 orders-*, meetings-*, letters-* modules


  • [ECOSCOM-155] - Substitution function name is incorrect
  • [ECOSCOM-521] - Values of Type field are not localized in Internal Documents
  • [ECOSCOM-523] - Values of Type field are not localized in Shared Documents
  • [ECOSCOM-574] - Added Product and service didn't present in the cardlet
  • [ECOSCOM-600] - Incorrectly displays the date field on form create assignment
  • [ECOSCOM-649] - Card header display cm:name instead of cm:title after updated case activity
  • [ECOSCOM-716] - Check-box “Generate” doesn’t work
  • [ECOSCOM-743] - Wrong document link send with notification
  • [ECOSCOM-752] - Symbol '&' is not displayed correctly in the Orgstruct Picker
  • [ECOSCOM-761] - The entry after its deleting stays selected in the journal control
  • [ECOSCOM-762] - Script fields doesn't allow enter import
  • [ECOSCOM-763] - There is an error when creating Attorney in the data list "Attorney"
  • [ECOSCOM-780] - The journal "Marketing documents" is loading endlessly
  • [ECOSCOM-797] - Clear all pages from the horizontal scrolling
  • [ECOSCOM-800] - Spaces is missing in buttons
  • [ECOSCOM-801] - The delegate gets the error completing the approval task
  • [ECOSCOM-803] - The number of services is not duplicated when developing the act from the invoice
  • [ECOSCOM-939] - There is no title in dropdown
  • [ECOSCOM-947] - Error when trying to add product/service to payment
  • [ECOSCOM-959] - Barcode webscript failed with '400 Bad request' error
  • [ECOSCOM-966] - Document's templates didn't works (not found when created)
  • [ECOSCOM-969] - Source HTML-code in payment's preview
  • [ECOSCOM-984] - Unable to create document-base
  • [ECOSCOM-985] - Unable to create a product/service
  • [ECOSCOM-993] - No model changes at ordersModel
  • [ECOSCOM-1017] - Orders template can't be processed
  • [ECOSCOM-1026] - Send for resolution error for incoming document



  • [ECOSCOM-724] - Contracts module enhancements
  • [ECOSCOM-734] - Rename the "Title" field
  • [ECOSCOM-747] - Add cancel workflow button for alfresco admins
  • [ECOSCOM-758] - Changing the default Dashboard view
  • [ECOSCOM-778] - Orders module enhancements
  • [ECOSCOM-799] - Allow editing properties in card inline
  • [ECOSCOM-809] - Add the option to display the event history panel of authorized
  • [ECOSCOM-831] - Make inline editing possible by default
  • [ECOSCOM-844] - Add security check for input data controls
  • [ECOSCOM-852] - Create behaviour for auto filling cm:title field for documents of ecos:document type
  • [ECOSCOM-949] - Add missing icons for actions
  • [ECOSCOM-974] - Improve fields view in product properties
  • [ECOSCOM-995] - Improve case management labels

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